First, let’s talk leaders.

I see leaders as people who solve problems and bring people with them. With the interconnectedness of the world today, different perspectives are coming together in one global community. If we only look at the surface, we may see these differences as cause for conflict. But, as leaders, we can choose to look deeper and utilize the friction from bringing together our different perspectives to find opportunities to learn and grow. This is the call for leadership today, to reevaluate the fires and the friction that caused them, not as battles to be fought, but as opportunities for learning and potential paths to progress. For there is no forward movement without a little bit of friction to give us traction.

Now, on to legends.

People become legendary when they have a deep, personal commitment to their own truth, and they pursue it with a relentlessness that allows them to walk right past boundaries and structures that would suggest it can’t be done. To witness their pursuit takes us beyond what we thought possible, as they pioneer new ground that only they can claim.

When legends pursue their deep, personal cause to tackle global problems and bring people with them, they become the Legacy-Makers that shape history and make the world a better place.

Legacy-maker equals change-maker.

If you want to change the world, you can pursue the path of leadership by solving the problems right in front of you and bringing people with you. As you deepen your awareness of your purpose, you can step up to a relentlessness in your efforts that becomes the stuff of legends in whichever arena you choose to play.

A legacy of leadership is made one step at a time. It is the culmination of several small steps. Some will go it alone, but a legacy of leadership is formed through the multiplier of the thousands of steps taken with those that you bring along. And with enough people marching to the beat of your drum—the drum of your shared purpose and values—surely we can create connections that will change the world for the betterment of all, regardless of how big our current problems may seem.