About Eric Strafel

A collaborative, optimistic, and driven innovator.

Eric is passionate about helping others grow profits and scale with purpose while leveraging their strengths, maintaining their values, and harmonizing all of life’s pursuits. He is on a mission to share collaborative leadership strategies and create opportunities for a more human-centric and inclusive planet. For more than 20 years, Eric has dedicated himself to building forward-thinking teams and scaling innovation to create transformational organizations that thrive in an increasingly entrepreneurial and mission-driven world.


He is releasing his first book as a tool to assist leaders in transforming their businesses to embrace and manage change while empowering teams to fulfill their missions. The book demonstrates how collaborative leadership—from frontline employees to the C-suite—enables companies to reach the highest peaks, increase work-life harmony, and scale with purpose.


In addition to his writings on leadership and experience leading diverse teams, Eric is an advisor to The Study USA, where he works to empower women-led businesses and next-generation entrepreneurs through collaboration with academic partners, companies, and the local community. As a mentor and guide, Eric is dedicated to building a more inclusive business environment that allows entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 100 companies to lead, innovate, and scale with purpose.


Eric holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Texas Diversity Council and the Irving Chamber of Commerce, and is an active and engaged father and husband. Living in Texas with his wife and three children, Eric enjoys the outdoors, staying fit, and maintaining a wellness mindset. A world traveler with a global perspective, Eric has visited six continents including Europe, Africa, and Australia.

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Binghamton Univ. Engineers Week
Texas Diversity Council
Network of Executive Women
American Airlines Sky Ball
Cohoots Entrepreneur Program


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Diversity and Inclusion
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What Leaders Are Saying

Eric’s business scaling techniques allowed me to take a holistic approach to getting funding, growing my company, and maintaining a work-life harmony that made my success sustainable.

Gina Fioretti
Gina Fioretti Founder & Epigeneticist mylifeIQ

Eric’s insights on leadership come from his remarkable experience scaling successful companies with a passion for learning, trust in people, and an inclusive mindset.

Jenny Poon
Jenny Poon Founder & Entrepreneur Co+Hoots

Eric Strafel is the embodiment of collaborative leadership. He is an empathetic thinker, active listener, and a powerful ideator. I’m always enriched by our conversations and intrigued by his writings.

Judson Garrett
Judson Garrett Chief Learning Officer SUMMi7